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“Working for Myanmar’s future”

Scipio Services

​Scipio Services Co. Ltd. (Scipio Services) is headquartered in The Republic of The Union of Myanmar. Scipio entered Yangon, Myanmar as the first foreign-managed supplier of facility management services, and security services. We are officially partnered with Myanmar Assurance Company (MAC Security) to provide Myanmar’s only trained and organized security guard force. In 2017, we have partnered with ATALIAN Global Services, a leading global services provider in Europe breaking into new industries that has excelled in around the world. Now as ATALIAN Global Services Myanmar , we will continue to deliver the quality of the Scipio/MAC Security brand nationwide.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a safe, fluid, and secure environment for conducting business in Myanmar. We will achieve this by the development of Myanmar’s largest work force. We invest in Myanmar through our local staff. Our success and Myanmar’s future are dependent on the development of local nationals. We do not simply hire cleaners or security guards for our clients. We recruit, train, and hire leaders for our clients. We pride ourselves on being workers and will continue to work for Myanmar’s future.

Working for Myanmar’s Future

Our investment is not in equipment or property, but in the people of Myanmar. At Scipio Services we challenge our employees to be leaders within the company as well as in their community. We recruit from the local communities surrounding client sites. This not only gives us greater awareness of local issues but also ensures our employee’s loyalty to the company and to the client. Scipio promotes its management staff internally through the company’s development program. Our development program combines technical and leadership training, while also providing mentorship to ensure every employee has the opportunity for upward mobility within the company. This program and organizational structure facilitates effective management throughout Scipio’s operation in Myanmar. The future of Myanmar is dependent on this sort of development among the local populace. Scipio Services is committed to their development and the successful future of Myanmar.

Help us work for Myanmar’s future.


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