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Request Personalized Myanmar Property Market Analysis For Your Organization

Receive the Detailed and Personalized Myanmar Property Market News and Analysis Your Organization Needs to Make Important Decisions

Myanmar’s economic reforms are fast-moving, and the picture on the ground changes quickly.

Finding relevant information is difficult enough as it is, especially trying to make sense of it all through salient analysis relevant to your organization and objectives.

This means many organizations – including yours – risk making poor strategic and operational decisions on your Myanmar market entry or presence without crucial information. This may result in erroneously deciding to reconsider market entry, making bad investment choices or sourcing property that is entirely inadequate to your requirements and is far in excess of market rates.

Bad decisions can be even more frustrating if it later transpires that a suitable development or property was or is set to become available, but you simply didn’t know about it. The consequences of a bad decision now will hit your bottom line and your presence and operations in Myanmar (or not, as the case may be) for quite some time.

Timely, Accurate Information Backed Up by Research, Experience and Integrity

Our free Myanmar property market report is a good start. But it only provides a general overview.

What if you could find out the very latest Myanmar property market information, identify the latest property projects and most suitable investment opportunities and receive expert guidance and analysis that relates directly to your organizational objectives? That’s in addition to having your burning questions answered with considered responses.

Time to take your Myanmar market entry and property solutions to the next level. Whether Myanmar is on your radar for living, working or investing, Scipio can help you.

We’ve quickly established ourselves as Myanmar’s leading real estate and property advisory and facility services company. We have collated and vetted an extensive store of proprietary knowledge and experience on the Myanmar property market and related sectors, such as hotels and tourism, oil and gas, land and warehousing and the needs of MNCs and government missions.

In addition, through our exclusive partnership with Myanmar Deals Leasing, we are among the first to learn of the latest news and developments concerning the Myanmar property market thanks to our local connections, as well as being able to offer premium quality commercial and residential property to rent in Yangon for our clients.

For you, this means timely, accurate and authoritative advice tailored to your organization and requirements to help you decide how best to proceed when it comes to Myanmar property.

Comprehensive and Detailed Personal Consultation

Bringing our expertise to your needs, this 1-hour consultation includes:

  • Brief history of the Yangon Property Market
  • Land Usage trends (what parts of city have which clients or types of developments – this can also constitute your competitor analysis)
  • Current market situation for your industry (location of major developments, pricing, and occupancy rates)
  • Upcoming major property projects for your industry (location, estimated pricing, quality ratings, etc)
  • Brief coverage of relevant laws that will affect your market entry and operations relating to property
  • Recommended subcontractors — lawyers, architects, due diligence – to help facilitate your market entry and property essentials
  • Your questions answered

Make Informed Decisions With the Right Information – Request Your Consultation Now

One hour of intensive and detailed analysis with Scipio will put you in a far stronger position than days or weeks of haphazard research online or fact-chasing and endless speculative and ultimately fruitless meetings on the ground in Myanmar.

You will leave the consultation more informed and better connected than when you walked in – guaranteed!

All this for a small fee of just $325 – less than the cost of many return flights to Yangon and a single night in a decent hotel. 

Not only that, the smart decisions you’ll make on the basis of the consultation will pay for the consultation fee itself tens, maybe hundreds of times over.

Less of a fee, more an insurance against poor, uninformed choices!

If you can’t make it to Yangon personally yet, we can arrange the consultation by Skype – saving you even more time and expense!

Better use your time, hassle and money and focus your efforts by requesting a consultation with Scipio Services today. Just fill out the form below to get started.

Get Serious About Your Organization’s Myanmar Property Needs – Secure Your Consultation Now

We are exceptionally busy so we recommend booking your consultation now for as far in advance as you can to avoid disappointment. When completing the form, please provide as much information as possible about your organization, aims and objectives in Myanmar to get the most from your consultation.


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