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Is Myanmar Land For Sale?

Is Myanmar land for sale to foreigners?

For the moment, the answer is ‘no': foreigners cannot buy land in Myanmar.

But there are other ways to hold an interest in land in Myanmar – and the economic benefits that may follow – without legal ownership.

Opportunities to secure a stake in Myanmar land

Foreigners may lease land or property in Myanmar for a lease term of up to 12 months, which may be renewed on expiry. If a foreign company has a permit from the Myanmar Investment Commission, a longer-term lease is possible.

Another option is to invest in Myanmar land development projects, with local partners. Scipio Services works with trusted landowners and developers to offer real estate investment opportunities which allows you to have an interest in a piece of this fast-developing country with huge economic potential.

Legislative Developments

A proposed condominium law is proceeding through Parliament which will allow foreigners to buy and own condos. However, this law has not yet been passed and the provisions may be subject to change.

Scipio will keep clients informed of any changes in the legal landscape which will allow foreigners to buy land in Myanmar.


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Understand Myanmar’s Property Market

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An overview of Myanmar’s property market and what you can and can’t do in respect of Myanmar land will help you or your organization when it comes to operations or investment in Myanmar. This will be very helpful if you plan to buy Myanmar land for sale if this is permitted in the future.

Discover the answers to these questions:

  • Why is real estate so expensive in Yangon? How did the asking prices increase to the current level, and how much higher will they climb?
  • What should we budget for our footprint in 6 months’ time? Where in Yangon do I want to locate?
  • Is this just a bubble, and will prices drop in a couple years? Will the upcoming supply fill the demand gap?
  • Where should I speculate? Can foreigners invest in property? What about the condominium law?

…and much more.

The report contains original research and is carefully written by Scipio’s team, permanently based in Yangon. We carefully check the information and you will not find high-quality content like this anywhere else. The report will be updated as the market continues to develop.

After reading this report, you will have an overview of the property market in Myanmar, be introduced to the townships that make up Yangon and have a better idea of the available types of commercial and residential property in Myanmar. This will save you time and expenses during pre-trip research and in-country investigations.

Even though you cannot immediately buy land in Myanmar, there are other opportunities to secure property and be a part of this wonderful country’s success story. Request your free report to find out more.

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